Big Ideas for year: Interconnectedness and Change
Big Ideas for the unit: Processes and systems of Social Studies

Standards covered in this unit:

1.1 Seek and evaluate multiple historical sources with different points of view to investigate a historical question and to formulate
and defend a thesis with evidence
2.1 Use geographic tools to gather data and make geographic inferences and predictions
3.1 Supply and demand influence price and profit in a market economy
3.2 The distribution of resources influences economic production and individual choices (Economics and PFL)
4.1 Compare how various nations define the rights, responsibilities, and roles of citizens
4.2 Different forms of government and international organizations and their influence in the world community

World Map Assignment:
Due A: Thursday 9/2/11
Due B: Friday 9/2/11
Necessary Notes:
Don't forget to complete the room-directions assignment giving someone instructions from the door to the tv. It's on page 13 of the notes.

Physical Map vs. Political Map Assignment:
Due A: 9/6
Due B: 9/7
Necessary Notes: